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eAccess Troubleshooting Guide: Current eAccess Issues

A guide to provide some tips and tricks to handle the common eAccess issues encountered.


This section includes work-arounds on current/existing issues relating to databases.

Database What users will see / experience Reason / Work-around (if any)

When users try to download report from REALIS, users may see the following error message after 1 min:


This is a known issue which URA Support Team has acknowledged. The work-around as suggested by vendor is to reduce the number of result to =< 5000 rows. When the download option is restricted to "1 to 10,000", advise user to search the result again and shorten the date range until the result is smaller.

Vault Career Insider

Users are being redirected to this web site known as FirstHand.

"Vault Career Insider" has migrated to a new platform called "Firsthand". Old platform no longer available. In order to access to the new platform, users need to register a new account using SMU email address. Non SMU email address will be removed.

1. Click onto "Get Started"

2. Click "No account yet? Register now."

3. Enter your SMU email address in the box provided and hit "Submit" button

4. Follow the rest of the steps as indicated on the web page will do.

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