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eAccess Troubleshooting Guide: New York Times (NYT)

A guide to provide some tips and tricks to handle the common eAccess issues encountered.

Issues and Interventions

When accessing to one-time registration page, user sees this message "The site you just tried to visit looks fake."

As long as the link was clicked from A-Z database or re-directed from SMU Libraries search result, it is okay to click "Ignore" to proceed.

When accessing to one-time registration page, user sees this message "We're unable to issue a pass. Please email a full screen capture to the correct customer care group from the list below".

There is a problem with NYT registration page, while waiting for NYT support team to fix the issue, please write to and keep us informed. We will try our best to get an account for you soon.
When accessing to one-time registration page, you may see his message "This page isn't working right now" or any kind of 400 HTML Error Code

Please use Chrome's Incognito or Private mode for other browsers. Please click here for instruction.

When accessing to one-time registration page, user sees this message "We're sorry, but we're having a technical issue right now. Please try again later."

1. When the email address has already been used or created with NYT, you will see this message. Sometimes, user could have forgotten that their email address has been used to register for a trial account.

Anyway, please go back to the registration page again, click "Log in here >>" instead of "Create Account". Enter the same email address and existing password.

If you have forgotten the password, you can use forget password to reset. Refer to the next row for help.


2. Sometimes, it could be due to the user's account has expired. please refer to the next two rows for help.

User has forgotten the password.

There are two methods to reset the password:

  1. At the login screen, enter the email address
  2. The password box will appear. Click "Forgot your password?" below, OR
  3. Click "Log in without password" and follow the instruction sent via email will do

User account has expired

When user's account has expired, user will see a paywall, OR

  1. User can also confirm this by going to "Account" on the top right hand corner
  2. If user is not able to see "Complimentary Subscription" under his/her username, we can confirm that the account has expired.
  3. Advice user to re-do one time registration again by going to this link.
  4. Under the registration page, click "Log in here >>" instead of "Create Account" (see image below)

  5. Enter the same email address and existing password, the account will then be re-registered. If this method doesn't work, please drop and email to

  6. For faculty and staff, please refer them to for setting up of a permanent account


Registration of account for NYT

Users encounter issues registering for an account on NYT.

This usually happens when user is trying to register for an account on NYT website directly, rather than from the library's A-Z page.

Direct users to our database A-Z page, go to New York Times and register for an account from there.


The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy