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eAccess Troubleshooting Guide: Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

A guide to provide some tips and tricks to handle the common eAccess issues encountered.

Issues and Interventions

User is able to login into WSJ but not able to read articles in full.

User account could have expired after 2 years. This is a setting which is controlled by the vendor and not SMU. Please email for help and allow vendor 2-3 working days to renew expired account.


When accessing to one-time registration page, user sees this message "This page isn't working right now" or any kind of 400 HTML Error Code

Try using Chrome's Incognito or Private mode from other browsers. Please click here for instruction.

When user tried to register for a new account, user will see this message, "It looks like you already have an account"

Most probably, you already have an account or used the same email address to register for a trial account before. On the same error page, advice user to click "Sign In" and then enter the same email address and existing password will do.

If you had already left the page, you can go to the registration page again, click "Sign-In" instead of "Create" will do.

User is seeing a paywall or their account has expired

As every WSJ account comes with a two-year expiry date, once an account has expired, you will see paywall or "Subscription Expired" under their account profile.

Email to for help.

Note: Should the faculty, staff or students leave SMU before the expiry date, their account will also turn inactive.


Registration of account for WSJ

Users encounter issues registering for an account on WSJ.

This usually happens when user is trying to register for an account on WSJ website directly, rather than from the library's A-Z page.

Direct users to our database A-Z page, go to WSJ and register for an account from there.


The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy