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IRIS Publications Guide: Add New Thesis

IRIS, is SMU Integrated Research Information System. The Publications module in IRIS aims to have the information on the publications and research outputs of all faculty, staff and students.

Presentation on Electronic Submission

Here are the slides used in the sessions conducted in November 2018 by the Library.

SMU Thesis / Dissertation Guidelines

Read the submission guidelines for PGR thesis and dissertations in OASIS.

Mandatory Fields

The mandatory fields in Thesis / Dissertation are:

Under Key Information tab:

  • Title
  • Intellectual Contribution (use Basic or Discovery Scholarship)
  • Author list
  • Author relation (automatically related for author login)
  • Publication date
  • Declaration for research data availability
  • Embargo period for full text
  • Publishing status

Under Thesis Information tab:

  • Permanent Address
  • Permanent Email
  • Year Dissertation/Thesis Completed
  • Degree Awarded
  • Supervisors
  • School

Add a New Thesis / Dissertation

Access IRIS and login using your SMU email and password.

At the top right hand corner of the page, click on Add New > Publication.

Click on the arrow next to Thesis to open up the options. Choose the relevant publication type, either Master's Thesis or PhD Dissertation.


At the next screen, key in all mandatory information marked with *. Please fill the other fields where you have the information, e.g. abstract and keywords.

Fill in the mandatory fields in the Key Information tab and Thesis Information tab.

Upload Fulltext

You need to upload the full text of your thesis/dissertation into IRIS. You own the copyright to your work and grant to SMU an irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide right to store, reproduce, distribute, display and transmit any part of your work in tangible and electronic formats.

Click on the File icon and select the final version of your thesis (after all necessary revisions have been made after your oral defence), then click Open.

For Embargo period for fulltext, choose one option:

  • Without embargo is highly recommended as it makes your thesis/dissertation immediately available to the academic world and the public in SMU repository InK.
  • Embargo for 6 months or 1 year and there will be a temporary restricted access to the public but is still available on request to SMU faculty, staff and students for the period chosen. Select an embargo only if you intend to publish your work and the publisher considers open access publication to be equivalent to prior publication or if you are in the process of a patent application.



Thesis Information

Click on Thesis Information tab. Fill in the mandatory fields indicated by *.

Click on + and search for your supervisor's name. Click on the + next to the name to add the SMU faculty to the record.

For External Committee, type the name and institution in brackets. E.g. John Smith (University A). If there are additional external committee members, add a semi-colon followed by the name and institution of the other committee members. E.g. John Smith (University A); Tan Wei (University B)


Save or Submit

Click Save to save changes to the record and to continue editing the record.

Once you have been asked by your school administrator or when you have the final version of your thesis or dissertation ready after oral defense. Make sure you have uploaded the final version in IRIS. Change the publishing status to Published

Click on Submit. Choose the status For Validation by Library and click Done

The Library will validate the record after we get clearance from the College for Postgraduate Research Studies that all graduation requirements have been met. Once the record is validated by the Library, the record will be final. The Library will upload your PDF to InK according the the embargo you selected in IRIS.


The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy