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IRIS Faculty CV Guide: FAQ and Feedback

For help with using the IRIS Faculty CV module

Frequently asked questions

Legacy System

Q. What will happen to the Legacy CV System?

A. The legacy CV was freeze since Jun 2017. The system is scheduled for decommission in 2018 because of the lack of technical and product support.

Q. What will happen to my records in Legacy CV System?

A. Old records from the Legacy CV System will be migrate to IRIS Faculty CV module in the best attempt possible. The data will be captured slightly different as compared to the legacy system. As such, there will be missing data or incomplete records while data import is carried out. Faculty are advised to review each of the records and set them to "Active" mode for them to be visible in the generated CV.

Project In General

Q. Why do I have to update the CV myself?

A. While updating CV can be seen as an administrative task, the accuracy of data entries would still require validation from individual faculty. Benefits of self-updating CV

  • Better holistic view of activities.
  • Better activity articulation.
  • Lesser collaboration and dependency on others for record discrepancies.

Q. Why do I have to update my CV in IRIS?

A. IRIS has templates approved by COD for various reporting and FAR. The capturing of information in the standardized format will help streamline SMU processes and for better data structure for interfacing with other systems.

Q. Can I delegate my CV update to others?

A. We recommend faculty to update the CV themselves. However, if they require help with CV entries, they could delegate their role/account to someone else to assist them. Do note that, the same delegation will allow the delegated person to work on BOTH the Publications, as well as the CV records. For more information about role delegation, please refer to

IRIS Faculty CV Module In General

Q. Can I change the name in the dashboard? It is not showing my preferred name

A. The name on dashboard (with the profile picture) currently is based on the legal name captured in the HR system. Currently the vendor is working on a way to configure showing the preferred name/known name on the dashboard. In the CV generation and other publications, the preferred name is used. To find out if the preferred name is setup, you can go to Edit Profile>Preferred Name field. If you need to update the preferred name/known name, kindly approach our HR colleagues.

CV Interfaced Data (Publications,Course Teaching, Education History, Thesis Supervised and SMU Research Grants)

Q. My Education history is incomplete, incorrectly captured or does not exist.

A. Any Education records not captured/does not exist or incorrectly captured, the faculty would need to contact the IRIS help team to help forward to the appropriate SMU HR colleague. Our HR Colleague will help work with the faculty to ensure the correct information is updated.

Q. Why I cant see my data after I am told the data is interfaced

A. IRIS integration with other SMU systems is scheduled on the daily basis (over the non working hours 8pm-8am). If you can see the data the next day, kindly email the IRIS help team for more clarifications.

Q. I want to update my own records such as Education and SMU courses.

A. IRIS integration with other SMU systems ensure that the proper validated data is flow through. For Education records, any bachelor qualification and above (masters and PHD) would need to be certified and verified by our HR colleague before entering into the HR systems. Other qualifications and certification can be entered in the IRIS system under General Session

Q. My Education record does not contain information like Honors, Top Student or High GPA.

A. The HR editorial guideline will capture the basic Degree information. For example "Bachelor of Accountancy (Honors)", in HR system will only capture Bachelor of Accountancy. The additional information about the degree can be captured under the "Comments" field in each education record.

Q. Why cant I see my publications in the generated CV.

A. The publication records are generated in the CV based on the follow type of publication record status [Presented, Published, Advance Online, Forthcoming]. For publication records of status Presented, Published and Advance Online - The records need to be validated by the librarian before populated in the CV.

Publication records of other statuses such as In Progress, the project team is currently reviewing if there is a need to put in the CV or to List them under another CV sections such as "Work In Progress".

CV Data Entry

Q. I do not know or remember the dates, can you set it to non mandatory?

A. For any CV records, the start date is a mandatory field while the end date (if applicable) is not. The intention for dates is to capture the activity over a period of time. However, if you could not remember the actual date for the event, you could just indicate the event to the nearest month or year. example, 01/01/2016 for activity happened sometime in 2016 or 01/08/2016 for activity happened some date in Aug 2016.

Q. Why can't I see a record in IRIS rendered in the generated CV?

A. For a record to render in the CV, it would require all the mandatory fields to be filled, and the record status set to "Active".

Q. Why are there so many fields within the IRIS section form but not necessary all information will appear in the CV?

A. One of the main objective of the system is build up information to facilitate comprehensive analysis carried by other systems such as the president dashboard or statistic meant for other organisations such as MOE. These information will help decision makers or analysts to review the appropriate strategy to guide the university to the next milestone. While not all fields will render on the CV, the user and faculty are urged to help build up the information for future reference.

CV Generation

Q. Can I still use my personalized CV within SMU?

A. Yes, you can continue to use the own customized CV for limited SMU distributed.

Q. Can I order my CV sections around

A. At this point of time, the system does not cater the flexibility to order the CV sections around. The project team is working with the vendor to determine the feasibility for the product to include this feature in the product roadmap.

Q. Can I hide a CV record

A. Yes. If you need to hide a record, you can toggle the record status to "Draft".

Q. Can I hide my CV sections

A. Yes. The system allows the faculty to hide a particular section of the CV. Please refer to

Q. Can I append additional information when I Generate the CV

A. If the faculty would to like to append additional information/sections to the CV, the faculty could only do so after they generate the CV in Microsoft Word/Doc format and work from a WORD Processor (e.g. MS WORD). Please refer to

Q. How come my CV is not automatically updated to the faculty directory

A. The new system currently do not have a feature that auto publish/upload the CV into SMU faculty directory. If the CV in the faculty directory need to be updated, the faculty would need to generate the CV from the account and pass it to the school administrator to upload. Meanwhile the project team is working with the vendor on a solution on this.


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