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IRIS Faculty CV Guide: Generate CV

For help with using the IRIS Faculty CV module

How to Generate My CV

To generate a CV, click on the "Dashboard" section under IRIS left hand Menu Navigation Bar.

  1. Update the CV last update date (Click here for more information)

A Generate CV option menu will popup and follow the following steps.

  1. Select Either the Faculty Biography CV template OR the full SMU Faculty CV template (Click here for more information about the CV templates)
  2. Select the type of CV Sections to appear. This step is optional
  3. Select the Output format, PDF or Microsoft Word. If you need greater flexibility to change or insert additional information, please choose Microsoft Word option.
  4. Click Generate CV.

It is important to take note that before a CV is published, the faculty needs to ensure that all records are saved as "Active" status. The CV generation logic will only process and populate all records based on "Active" status.



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