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IRIS Faculty CV Guide: Support Staff

For help with using the IRIS Faculty CV module

Access And Support

Below is the IRIS Support/Escalation Process

SELF-GUIDE: IRIS Faculty CV Resource Guide


1st Level of Support: Your individual school administrative staff

  • Contact your respective School Administrator if you need assistance


  1. Lina Ng (Operations Management) -
  2. Kim Ninh (Finance) -
  3. Grace Tan (OBHR) -
  4. Evelyn Lee (Marketing) -
  5. Jaze Ng (Strategy and Organisation) -
  6. Danielle Lim (Corporate Communication & Quantitative Finance) -



  1. Tan Mei Kee -
  2. Gina Tan -



  1. Linda Kee -
  2. Tracy Ooi -



  1. Cheong Pei Qi  -



  1. Angie Choo -
  2. Melissa Chang -



  1. Tan Lijing -



2nd Level of Support: IRIS Help via email at

  • Your school administrative staff will forward your issues/queries to IRIS Help for further assistance, if required.


Please take note that IRIS Help would only be able to assist with the following type of requests:

1) Interfaced data discrepancies (Education, SMU appointments, SMU courses taught, SMU Grants and SMU thesis supervised).

2) Publication record amendments

3) General System Queries.

For other requests, kindly approach your respective school administrative staff.


The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy