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Teaching & Learning Survival Tools: Past Announcements/Releases/Polls

Past Announcements

Date Announcement Target Audience
Apr 2024 2023-24 Term 2 Term End Newsletter - Faculty Faculty
Apr 2024 2023-24 Term 2 Term End Newsletter - Student Student
Nov 2023 2023-24 Term 1 Term End Newsletter - Faculty Faculty
Nov 2023 2023-24 Term 1 Term End Newsletter - Student Student

Past Releases

Targeted Audience
Jan 2022 Peer Evaluation Tool
For faculty: Preview the setup evaluation as student. For faculty/student: Alternative evaluation method of grouping by questions on all targets (the default method is grouping by targets on all questions).
  eLearn Course Connector for Microsoft Teams
This new Course Connector connects eLearn courses to Microsoft Teams, where Classlist will be able to synchronise between eLearn and Microsoft Teams. Allow the creation of Teams space for each course in eLearn and open collaboration between instructor and students in this Teams space within the eLearn course.
Note that this feature is currently by request only. Please contact eLearn Team if you would like to explore further.
  Class Engagement Dashboard
A holistic view of students' activities in content and assessment, such as students who do pre-reading before lesson, students who are late in handing up assignments, etc.
The New Assignments Creation Experience will have an updated look-and-feel that has a fully immersive page layout. It equips with logically grouped and labelled features such as start and end dates, rubrics, annotation tools, and TurnItIn, making it easier to discover yet able to collapse to allow instructors to see everything at a glance with little to no scrolling, and without having to navigate through any tabs.
Nov 2021 Results Processing Tool
Allow the entry of "Pending Review" grade in RPT.
Oct 2021                             Grades Processing Tool
Allow segregation of reviewers/approvers by courses/sections (in the same programme). Improvement in the confirmation prompt on reviewer's and approver's action as well as the search and filter in term selection.
Grades Reviewers and Approvers
Aug 2021                             Peer Evaluation Tool
For faculty: Major bug fix in "Students evaluate own group members" evaluation type, sorting by progress and scores in evaluation. For students: Progress status in evaluation.
Faculty / Students
Jul 2021

                            In-Class Sensing
A more real-time experience in the class session.

Prominent differentiation between submitted and save as draft journal entries.
Jun 2021

Learner submission list improvement. Inline rubric component implementation. Picking of submission file in multi-file projects. etc.

The new rubrics creation experience.
Refresh in the quiz accommodations set up.
  WYSIWYG Editor in eLearn Faculty / Students
  Learner Engagement Dashboard
Learner Engagement Dashboard can now be accessed from within the course.
Faculty / School Admins
May 2021 Class Management Tool (CMT) Faculty
  Class participation and excused attendance session implementation. Allow comments in attendance sessions to be exported. etc.  
Apr 2021 Grades Processing Tool (GPT)
Grades submission/approval report. Consolidated grade distribution. Email notification to grades approver. etc.
Dean's Office, Associate Dean, School Admins, Grades Reviewers and Approvers
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