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Teaching & Learning Survival Tools: Emergency Preparedness

Digital Readiness (DRTL)

During pandemic or emergencies resulting in school closure on the advice of the Government of Singapore, instructors may be required to conduct online home-based learning with their students via video-conferencing tools such as Zoom. Students will also receive announcements, access content and participate in online activities such as discussions via eLearn.

Instructors on Leave of Absence (LOA) are advised to contact their students and conduct synchronous online sessions using Zoom, based on the scheduled class timetable. As students, you should be familiar with how to attend online lessons via Zoom (Zoom Student Quick Guide) and how to access content and information via eLearn or any platform as indicated by your instructors.

Other eLearn tools:
Students can use eLearn to receive content and participate in online discussion with their instructors through the comprehensive and flexible elearning environment SMU provides. To find out more about eLearn and its tools, please visit the eLearn Support Site Guides and Downloads page. eLearn enriches students' overall learning experience through its user-friendly interface and collaboration tools.

Instructors and students can also make use of Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams or SMU-Google App integration, Google Docs for collaboration on group project without physically meeting up in person. For instructions on how to install OneDrive, kindly follow the instructions here; on the page click “Start OneDrive”. Microsoft Teams installation guide can be found here. To use the SMU-Google App integration, please login with your SMU credentials from Google Apps.

To get more help on above mentioned tools, please visit  Digital Readiness page, or contact us at:



Microsoft Teams


SMU-Google Apps

No, once your instructor creates a Zoom meeting and sends you the invite, you can join the meeting.
You can use your SMU account to create Zoom meeting.
Yes, your SMU account is integrated with Google Apps. You can directly log into Google Apps with your SMU account: / password. Please note: do not include your school name in the email address.
You will need the following:
  1. Notebook/laptop (MS Windows or Mac OS)
  2. Recommended browsers
    • Google® Chrome™ 85 and above
    • Apple® Safari® 13 and above
    • Mobile Apple Safari 12 and above
    • Mozilla® Firefox® 80 and above
    • Chromium-based Microsoft® Edge 85 and above
  3. Headset with Mic (for web conferencing)
  4. Integrated webcam or USB webcam
  5. Internet connectivity

Yes. Zoom app is available for free download in App Store and Google Play.

Your instructor will share the course recordings within the course, you will need to login to eLearn to access the video contents.

Our IT Help Center operates from Mon-Fri, 8:00am-7:00pm. It is closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.

If you require support outside of the operating hours:


The Digital Readiness for Teaching and Learning (DRTL) Programme (formerly known as EPTL) prepares instructors and students for baseline online teaching and learning skills.

In the event of unforeseen emergency situations or prolonged school closure where there are no face-to-face lessons, instructors are expected to deliver lessons via online platforms such as Zoom and facilitate online activities via eLearn to ensure Teaching and Learning continuity. Students will be notified to access the Zoom platform for their online lessons. The class schedule will mirror the current face-to-face class timetable unless otherwise stated.


If you need any technical assistance with the above mentioned tools, please contact eLearn Support Team:

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy