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Teaching & Learning Survival Tools: Online Exams

  Assignment Quiz Quiz with LD Browser Quiz with LD Browser + LD Monitor (Webcam)
Strictly timed assessment  
Originality check      
Uploading of answers    
Can hide assessment from students
Can set start, end and due date 
Can embed question paper
Secure exam environment    
Recommended for remote exam    
Remote exam with monitoring      
Guidance on setting up exam

Please refer to the User Guides section or you can join the series of Assignment and Quiz workshops that eLearn will be organizing regularly
eLearn onsite/remote support on exam day

Except for UG final exams (which eLearn will liaise with RO for exam support arrangement), please fill up this online support request form or email to request for onsite/remote support at least 5 working days before the assessment date.

Please refer to the comparison table listed in the Online Assessment Type page for a reference on which assessment type will be more suitable based on your requirements on the online exam.

To prevent the leakage of questions for your online exam/assessment, eLearn team will not be collecting or receiving any questions/question paper from you. As such, eLearn team will not be able to set up the online exam/assessment for you.

However, you are welcome to attend the Quiz and Assignment workshops conducted regularly by eLearn to learn/refresh on the setting up of online exam/assessment.

If further assistance is required, please make an appointment with eLearn ( or 6828 0306) and we will be able to guide you on the set up.

Yes, eLearn will be able to help in going through and advising (if needed) on the settings in your quiz or assignment.

Please do contact eLearn ( or 6828 0306) at least 1-2 working days before the actual assessment for us to go through the settings.

You can try out the LockDown Browser experience by taking the mock quiz set up in Instructor Orientation Course.

There is no word counter implemented in eLearn Quiz and there is no limit to the number of characters/words that the students can type in the textbox provided for this essay question.

If your online exam is conducted using eLearn Quiz and it contains text-based answers (e.g. essay question, fill-in-the-blank question, etc.), you can use the Exam Extraction tool to extract your students' answers out into a Word document (or multiple Word document) depending on the extraction settings.

You can refer to the user guide here for more information on the Exam Extraction tool.

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy