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Research Data Sources: Find Data by A-Z List

Directory of subscribed and open access data sources.
Board Members Company
Bond Rating  Finance
Commodity Price  Economy Finance
Company Beta  Finance Company
Company Bonds  Finance Company
Company Bond Yield  Finance Company
Company Executives Company
Company Identifiers Company
Company Information Company
Consumer Products  Marketing Industry
Corporate Governance Data  Finance Company
Consumer Segmentation  Demography Marketing
Country Risk Rating  Economy Finance Country
Credit Default Swap (CDS)   Finance
Earnings & Sales Estimates  Finance Marketing Company
Education   Demography Country
Environmental, Governance and Social (ESG)   Company Country Economy
Exchange Traded Funds   Finance
Executive Compensation   Company People
Financial Ratios   Finance Company
Fund Manager  Finance People
GINI Index   Economy Country
Government Bond Yield   Economy Finance Country
Gross Capital Formation   Economy Country
Hedge Funds   Company Finance
Income & Expenditure  Demography Economy Marketing
Index Option   Finance
Industry Identifiers   Finance Industry
Industry Statistics   Economy Industry
Inflation   Economy Country
Intraday Stock Trading   Finance
Key Performance Indicators   Company Finance
LIBOR   Economy Finance
Life Expectancy  Demography Country
Major Shareholders   Finance Company
Market Return   Finance Industry
Mergers & Acquisitions   Finance Company
MSCI Indices   Finance Company
Members of an Equity Index   Finance
New Stock Issues   Finance Company
Outbound Investment   Economy Country
Real Estate   Industry
Reuters Instrument Code (RIC)   Finance Company
Security Identifier   Finance
Sharpe Ratio   Finance
Short Interest   Finance
Sovereign Credit Ratings   Finance Country
Startup   Company
Stock Return   Finance
Stock Price   Finance Company
Trade (Domestic & International)  Economy Country
Treasury Bill Returns   Economy Finance Country
Unemployment  Demography Economy Country
Venture Capital Finance Industry
Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)   Finance Company
Hedge Funds   Company Finance

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