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IRIS Faculty CV Guide: Thesis and Dissertation

For help with using the IRIS Faculty CV module

How to access the record

To access the record,

  1. Click on "Activities" on the left hand menu of iris
  2. Select "Thesis and Dissertation" under "Activities" to expose all the records in the list view.
  3. Navigate through the list via the pagination tool bar or extending the page size.
  4. If necessary apply another filter such as "title" to find the record
  5. Once you identify the record, click on "Expand" to access the form and the information.

Insert New Record

How to update
For SMU Thesis and Dissertation Records Please seek for insertion or amendment to records
For Thesis and Dissertation involved prior to joining SMU

Form Structure

Please note that for SMU records, they are interfaced from the ISIS system. The fields grayed out are not editorial field. For any discrepancy or queries with the information, kindly contact
The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy