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Li Ka Shing Library

Master of Science in Communication Management: Communication Research

A joint programme by SMU, Singapore & USI, Lugano, Switzerland. This is the programme portal for the Academic Year 2012-2013. It points to useful electronic and print resources for the courses.

Course Description

One of the more practical and valuable areas of corporate communication is research. Corporate communication managers and public relations practitioners have always relied on research in one form or another to create impacts on organizations and audiences. However, due to today's chaotic business environment, rapidly developing technologies, and ever changing audiences, knowledge and skills used to design, evaluate, and interpret research in business and organizations have become more valuable than ever. Unfortunately, it is also true that research is what creates fear among many students. Therefore, the first aim of this course is to help students become confident with fundamental concepts and principles of research methods. The second aim is to help students acquire knowledge and skills in designing, conducting, and analyzing research, and finally in creating meaning and value for their audiences. This course combines hands-on activities and  cases and examples of research in the fields of corporate communication, business, and management.


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