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How do I use EndNote : Components of EndNote Library

A pictorial guide on basic features and functions of EndNote X7

Tech Tip


If you perform online search in the Online Search Mode (Temporary Library), you need to save the references by using References > Copy References or the Copy to Local Library button from the toolbar. When you close the Temporary Library, all references in it will be lost.


You can quickly sort the references in Reference List Pane by clicking on a column heading. For example, click Year to sort by year. A second click will change the order of the sort from ascending to descending.

EndNote Library Components


  1. Reference List Panel
    Displays a multi-column list of references.
  2. Tabs Panel
    Consists of: Reference  tab for editing highlighted reference, Preview tab for viewing formatted reference, PDF Viewer tab for viewing and annotating attached PDF files. 
  3. Groups Pane
    Groups references into subject folders.
  4. Library Display Modes
    You can choose from different display modes in the Library window: Integrated Library & Online Search Mode, Local Library Mode and Online Search Mode. The recommendation is to work in Integrated Library & Online Search Mode, where all groups and command are available.
  5. Output Styles
    EndNote style collection includes more than 5,000 styles. You can also create a completely new style, if necessary.
  6. Help
  7. Quick Search


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