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How do I use EndNote : Creating EndNote Library

A pictorial guide on basic features and functions of EndNote X7

Tech Tip


An EndNote library can store unlimited number of references.


You can share your library with others by creating a compressed filename.enlx file:
File > Compressed Library (.enlx) > Create

Filename.enlx includes the filename.enl file as well as its associated .Data folder.

Creating EndNote Library

What is an EndNote library?
It is an EndNote file. When you create a file in MS Word, it is called word document, and in MS Excel, spreadsheet. In EndNote, when you create a file, it is called "library".


Create a new library:

  1. Open the EndNote program
  2. Go to File > New
  3. Give your library file a name and save it
  4. Two entities will be created:

    filename.Data : stores images, PDFs and other materials associated with the library
    filename.enl : the EndNote library/file
    To move or copy EndNote library, you need to move or copy both the filename.Data and filename.enl
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