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How do I use APA Citation Style

A guide with examples for references and in-text citation

Citing Images


Just like you would cite any text source you use in a project or paper, you should give proper attribution for any image you include.  Always ask your professor for the style appropriate for the assignment.

Remember: even if images are in the public domain or allowed to be used without permission, most still require attribution of the owning repository or museum to be properly credited. Images for published works (online, print, etc.) require additional permission from the copyright holder and the owning repository.




Basic information you will need to create an image citation includes:

  • Creator/artist name
  • Date of creation
  • Title of the work or image
  • Description
  • Repository, museum or owner OR website name
  • City or country of origin
  • Location of original image
  • URL if available in an online collection


Basic construction for an online image citation (non-museum):

Creator/artist surname, First initial. Middle initial. (Date of creation). Title of the work or image [Description]. Site name. URL


Basic construction for an artwork in a museum or on a museum website:

Creator/artist surname, First initial. Middle initial. (Date of creation). Title of the work or image [Description]. Repository/museum, City, Country. URL

Image Citation Examples

Below are examples of still and moving image references in APA style. This list is not comprehensive.  Please Ask a Librarian if you have questions about how to cite a particular image.


Artwork (in person)

Monet, C. (1881). Bouquet of Sunflowers [Painting]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, United States.

In-text: (Monet, 1881)


Artwork image by AI

DALL·E 2. (2023, March 5). A modern office rendered as a cubist painting [Image was created with the assistance of DALL·E 2].

In-text: (DALL·E 2, 2023)


Artwork image from a website

Monet, C. (1881). Bouquet of Sunflowers‚Äč [Painting]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, United States

In-text: (Monet, 1881)


Infographic from a website

McCann, A. (2016, January). An analysis of the Beatles? [Infographic]. DuelingData. 

In-text: (McCann, 2016)


Map from a website

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (2009). Cahaba River Natural Refuge [Map]. FDLP Electronic Collection Archive.

In-text: (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2009)


Photograph from a website

Lehmann, K. (2015, June).  the new architecture II (Singapore) [Photograph]. Flickr.

In-text: (Lehmann, 2015)


Photograph from a museum - no author

Stamford Road, S'pore [Photograph]. (ca. 1860-1870). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, United States.

In-text: ("Stamford Road, S'pore," 1860-1870)


Video or Film

Format: Director, D. D. (Director). (YYYY). Title of work [Description]. Production Company. URL


Scott, R. (Director). (1991). Thelma & Louise [Film]. MGM.

In-text: (Scott, 1991)


TV/Documentary Series

Format: Executive Producer, E. E. (Executive Producer). (YYYY). Title of work [Description]. Production Company. URL


DuVall, J. (Executive Producer). (2000). A force more powerful [Documentary series]. York Zimmerman.

In-text: (DuVall, 2000)


YouTube and other streaming videos

Note: The 'author' for YouTube and other streaming video is the uploader of the content, even if they did not create the content.  APA recommends providing more context about contributions of others / original creators of uploaded works in the text of your paper as needed.


UNICEF. (2010, April 20). Justice for girls in Afghanistan [Video]. YouTube. 



In-text: (UNICEF, 2010)


American Psychological Association. (2011, September 19). This is psychology: family caregivers [Video]. Facebook.

In-text: (American Psychological Association, 2011)

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