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Research Data Sources: Data On-Demand

Directory of subscribed and open access data sources.

Data On-Demand

Data in this list are from the subscriptions/purchases by various schools, centres and institutes in SMU. They are available with conditions and limitations.

Contact us for more information if you are interested in acquiring data from the sources below for your own research.

  • CDS and Loan CDS Data provided by Markit Group Limited
    Data Type: US Bond CDS and Bank Loan CDS Data

    Period: May 19, 2011 - May 18, 2012
    Funded by: SKBI
  • CME Data provided by Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc
    Data Type: Historical Times and Sales of Nikkei Yen Futures (N1), Nikkei USD futures (NK), Japanese Yen (versus US$) futures (6J) and E-mini S&P traded electronically
    Period: Feb 2004 - Dec 2010
    Funded by: SKBI
  • Executive Compensation Data provided by Equilar
    Data Type: Executive Compensation Data of S&P 1500 Companies
    Sample period: 2000 - 2009
    (DVD available in Media Resources Collection, Library)
    Funded by: SOA
  • FundVotes
    Data Type: Mutual Fund Votes on Management Say on Pay Resolutions, Mutual Fund Votes on Say on Pay Frequency Resolutions, Mutual Fund Details
    Period: Say-on-Pay resolutions and frequency for year 2013; Mutual Fund Details for 2011-2013
    Funded by: LKCSB
  • Futures Data provided by TICK DATA
    Data Type: Trade Data for Australian Dollar (AD), British Pound (BP), Canadian Dollar (CD), Euro FX (EC), Japanese Yen (JY) and Swiss Franc (SF)
    Period: 30 years and 6 days
    Funded by: SKBI
  • INDSTAT 4 provided by UNIDO
    Data Type: The UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database at the 4-digit level of ISIC (INDSTAT4) contains highly disaggregated data on the manufacturing sector.
    Period: 1990 onwards
    Funded by: Specialized Database Funding (SDF)
  • LOBSTER Database
    Data Type: High frequency limit order book data for NASDAQ traded stocks
    Period: Database history
    Funded by: LKCSB
  • Markit
    Data Type: Security financing data for US markets
    Sample period: Whole history to 2013
    Funded by: LKCSB
  • Morningstar Document Research Premium provided by Morningstar Inc
    Data Type: SEC Filings (e.g., 10-K)
    Period: NA (Subscription expired)
    Funded by: Office of Research
  • Nielsen Datasets provided by Chicago Booth
    Data Type: Consumer Panel Data (2004-2014) and Retail Scanner Data (2006-2014)
    Period: 2004-2014 for Consumer Panel and 2006-2014 for Retail Scanner
    Funded by: Specialized Database Funding (SDF)
  • Nielsen Datasets provided by Chicago Booth
    Data Type: Consumer Panel Data (2004-Current), Retail Scanner Data (2006-Current) and Ad Intel Data (2010-2015)
    Period: 2004-Current for Consumer Panel, 2006-Current for Retail Scanner and 2010-2015 for Ad Intel Data
    Funded by: LKCSB
  • Pinnacle database (IDX/CLC/COT/Commodity Contracts) provided by Pinnacle Data Corp
    Data Type: Historical market data/commodity futures prices/commodity contracts/COT Reports
    Period: Coverage varies
    Funded by: LKCSB
    Year acquired: 2017
  • S&P 500 Tick Data provided by Institute for Financial Markets
    Major data items: Price Data on the S&P 500 Cash Index, includes all the available historical S&P 500 tick-by-tick data
    Period: 1983 - 2011
    Funded by: SKBI
  • Unfair Advantage database provided by Commodities Systems Inc
    Data Type: World Futures, Put/Call Ratios and Totals, LME Access
    Period: World Futures: 40 years where available; others: N.A.
    Funded by: LKCSB
    Year acquired: 2017

Purchasing Datasets or Subscribing to Databases

If the data you need for your research is neither available via Library subscription nor for free, you might want to follow the steps below.

1. Evaluate the data set

How expensive is it? Check out vendor's web site or contact the vendor directly for price. Alternatively, contact a research librarian.

Is the data useful for other SMU researchers? Can you get them to indicate their interest too?

2. Investigate if funding is available to purchase the data set

For students, check with your supervisor

For faculty, check with your department chair


Alternatively, contact a research librarian

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy