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Research Data Sources: Industry

Directory of subscribed and open access data sources.

Industry data

Please note that the list is not exhaustive and we are working on it to include more entries.

(Click the data categories below to see more information) collapse all Industry Identifiers Bloomberg Compustat via WRDS: Goto Compustat --> Compustat Monthly Updates --> Global --> Fundamentals Annual, choose SIC and NAIS, set other criteria and search. Industry Information MarketLine Advantage: Directly search with the name of industry of interest, look into any of the result entries, check out the panels contains industry statistics, ie. Market Data, Market Segmentation, Macroeconomic Indicators, Market Outlook. Industry Statistics MarketLine Advantage: Use Databases --> Market Data Analytics -->choose Country --> choose industry indicators in "Sector". CEIC Market Return Bloomberg CRSP via WRDS: Goto CRSP --> Annual Update --> Stock/Security Files --> Daily Stock File --> look into the Market Information box, set other criteria and search. Venture Capital Statistics SDC platinum: Goto VentureXpert --> look into Industry Statistics, select Statistics --> Search Menu --> Venture Capital Funds --> close the Search Items window and go for Report (in the top menu) --> New Custom… --> select data items of interest --> save the search session and result.


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