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Directory of subscribed and open access data sources.

Company data

Please note that the list is not exhaustive and we are working on it to include more entries.

(Click the data categories below to see more information) collapse all Board Members Bloomberg: In Bloomberg, after the company ticker, enter MGMT. This Management function details the executives and board members of the company, such as average tenure, average age, etc. BoardEx: Use Advanced Search in Organisation section, look into Characteristics panel, set Current Individual Type to "Board Members" and run the search. Bond Rating Bloomberg: In Bloomberg. After you have identified the bond ticker, enter CRPR for the credit rating profile of the specified bond. Bonds Issued Bloomberg: In Bloomberg, use the CORP ticker of the company to find the bonds issued. Company Beta Bloomberg: Identify and enter the ticker symbol of the company of interest, press the <EQUITY> key, type beta, hit <GO>. Datastream: Select Static Request, select Equities as Data Category, select your series, go to Datatype Navigator, search for beta. Company Bond Yield CEIC: Chosen the country of interest, the time series for the government & corporate bond yield can be found under the heading: Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates (Global database) or Government & Other Securities (Daily database). Datastream: Trigger Time Series Request, then Series Selection, choose Bond Indices & CDS, use the Explorer to choose the wanted series. Click Datatype Mnemonic Picker, search for yield. Choose the appropriate time period. Change the Freq if necessary. Submit request. Company Bonds Bloomberg: In Bloomberg, use the CORP ticker of the company to find the bonds issued. Company Executives Bloomberg: Go to EQS <GO>. Enter criteria to select companies and add contact details. Press Enter to Update the list. Export to Excel.
In Excel, enter the formula in new column, =BDSA("COMPANY TICKER", "COMPANY_EXEC_OFFICERS").
BoardEx Company Identifiers CRSP via WRDS: Goto CRSP --> Annual Update --> Stock/Security Files --> Monthly Stock File, do a full database search or use company names to search for Cusip, Ticker, Trading Symbol and other identifiers as you wish. Bloomberg Company Information Bloomberg: Enter company name and click "GO" for a full set of information related to that company. Or enter company ticker followed by "DES" ("CN" for news and research, "MCN" for most popular news) and <Equity> for descriptive information. EMIS: Goto Companies, and search with company names. Results can be exported as excel file. COMPUSTAT via WRDS: Goto Compustat --> Compustat Quarterly Updates --> Execucomp --> Annual Compensation, look into and choose the items listed in the Company Information box, set other criteria and search.

IBES Guidance via WRDS: IBES Guidance via WRDS compares analyst and management expectations on company performance, safe in the knowledge that they are using the same accounting basis for consistent analysis.

Company Stock Identifier Bloomberg: Using company name to search for trading symbol via Bloomberg site. CRSP via WRDS: Goto CRSP --> Annual Update --> Stock/Security Files --> Monthly Stock File, using company names to search for Cusip, Trading Symbol or do a fulldatabase search for those identifiers. Earnings/Sales Estimates Bloomberg Financial Ratios/Status Bloomberg: In Bloomberg, add FA after the company EQUITY ticker to display all the fundamental analysis of the company. Major Shareholders Bloomberg MSCI Indices Bloomberg: In Bloomberg, type MSCI. Datastream: Use Datastream Excel Addin, select Static/Time Series Request, click on the Datastream Navigator button, for Data Category, select Equity Indices, click on the Equity indices Explorer, click on the + sign beside the By Source and find MSCI. New Stock Issues SDC platinum: Goto Global New Issues Databas --> choose Common Stock --> set time span --> Report: New Custom, and choose data items in the Deal panel--> save custom report and output format, using "save as" and choosing excel to export the data --> execute query. For more information can checkout this mini tutor from Harvard University. Stock Price CRSP via WRDS: Goto CRSP --> Annual Update --> Stock/Security Files --> Daily Stock File --> choose Price and any other items in the Time Series Information box, set other criteria and search. Bloomberg Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Bloomberg: In Bloomberg, you can find weighted average cost of capital by typing WACC <GO>.

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