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SMU Libraries

My Library Navigator: Find Librarians' ProTips

One-stop guide for freshmen/exchange students to make the most of SMU Libraries.

Bite-Sized Library Workshops

Bite-Sized Library Workshops are designed, developed, and offered by the librarians and campus partners in each term (respectively in Aug-Sep and Jan-Feb). They are introductory, out-of-classroom learning opportunities for you to gain multiple skills, such as digital, data, research and information literacies, critical thinking, and other soft skills.

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Interactive Online Learning Modules

As part of your graduate learning outcomes, you are required to be an independent self-directed learner to be able to locate your course readings and have research and critical thinking skills beyond Wikipedia and Google especially in the digital world where fake news prevails. SMU Libraries designed and developed interactive online learning modules on essential topics and skills that every student needs to be successful.

All Year 1 Students can access these modules through eLearn course LIB001 – Library Research Skills and are required to complete the course including its quizzes. The eLearn system tracks your learning progress and upon completion, it will appear in your co-curricular activities (CCA) transcript. Contact us if you have any questions!

Avoiding Plagiarism Through the APA Style                      Students may unknowingly plagiarise if they are not familiar with the correct way of citing and referencing. This module helps you develop the necessary academic awareness to know about plagiarism and the skills to avoid it by using citation and reference techniques.

The Research Process                                                           This module will guide you through the different stages of the research process. By the end of it, you will be able to apply these concepts to your assignments and undertake academic research systematically, especially in a digital world with information overload and misinformation.

Research Guides

The Research Guides is a knowledge portal of key resources tied to various disciplines and modules at SMU. Curated by the librarians, these guides help you with self-directed learning throughout your school years. Here are a few of our top picks:

By subject

By topic

Go to the Research Guides portal to explore more!

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