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One-stop guide for freshmen/exchange students to make the most of SMU Libraries.

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Library Collections

Collections Overview

The collection at the Li Ka Shing Library is interdisciplinary and covers the broad fields of business, economics and commerce with special strengths in finance, trade, accounting, management and international business. The collection at the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library covers the resources necessary to support teaching and research in Law.

The Lifestyle collection is located at Li Ka Shing Library, Lounge (Level 2), and includes a selection of close to 1200 leisure titles in fiction (contemporary, classic and regional), travel, food, hobbies, personal development, and health and fitness. Students love to browse through the shelves after class!

The SMU Art Collection comprises over 300 artworks in the university's permanent collection and loan collections, many of which are on long-term display. With its mix of Singapore, Southeast Asia, and international modern and contemporary artworks, the Collection reflects SMU’s vision as a global-city university in Asia. The Collection is made possible through the generosity and commitment of donors, artists and supporters. At Li Ka Shing Library Level 4, there is also a dedicated exhibition space, art@level4, to showcase some of the pieces from the Collection.

Library Facilities

As student, what can I copy?

According to the Copyright Act 2021, there are some "fair use" exceptions for the purposes of research and study. It is considered fair use so long as copying limits are observed:

where the edition has 10 or more pages —

(i) only 10% or less of the number of pages in the edition are copied in total; or
(ii) if the edition is divided into chapters — the pages copied are all from the same chapter.

Copying a whole textbook would not be considered fair, even if you need it for your course but you think it is too expensive. Learn more from the Copyright Advisory.

Libraries Spaces

SMU Libraries, through its two locations, Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law Library, offer a range of spaces to support the SMU community, including an Investment & Data Studio at Li Ka Shing Library, Level 3. You can access finance databases, such as Bloomberg and Eikon, and data software, such as Matlab, SPSS and many more, from the terminals inside the Investment & Data Studio. Since the terminals are in high demand, advanced booking is recommended!

Can't locate a Project Room in the libraries? Refer to this Project Room Finder. Advanced booking via the SMU Facilities Booking System (FBS) is required!

Library Usage Policy and Code of Conduct Policy

The Libraries are shared spaces. We seek to provide safe and secure learning spaces to the community and expect cooperation from our users. Users are responsible for taking good care of library resources and facilities and are expected to be considerate towards other users. Eating and seat hogging inside the Libraries are not allowed!

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy