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How do I use Bloomberg: Industry Information

This guide helps you understand how to navigate Bloomberg

How to search industry information

Start by asking these questions 

  • What is the primary product?
  • What is the industry groups or industry or sub-sectors?
  • Which industry sector is the primary product grouped under?
  • What is the GICS of the primary product?
  • Who are the major players or market leaders in the industry (globally)?
  • What is the MSCI Index of the industry? e.g. MSCI World Retailing Index

Searching in Bloomberg

You can search Information using the Bloomberg Intelligence for data, research, and analysts insights about industries and companies in an industry, topics, and special reports from the Bloomberg Intelligence Dashboard page.

Bloomberg Intelligence Dashboard page [BI]

On the Bloomberg Intelligence dashboard screen, you can click an industry (e.g., Healthcare > Biotech & Pharma > Biotech) to bring up its screen. On a selected industry’s screen, you can then click entries for industry outlook, featured research, industry indicators, operating statitics and competitors.

Bloomberg Intelligence: ESG Dashboard [BI BESG]

You can access company ESG scores to analyze how the company performs on ESG factors on environmental, social, or governance measures

Company classification browser [CCB]

You can search for the company's industry classifications or the Bloomberg Industry Classification System (BICS) to view the industry groupings and regional groupings.

Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code CCB.

Supply chain analysis [SPLC] 

You can search and analyze the performance of the selected company or peer companies within the same industry.

Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code SPLC.

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