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How do I use Bloomberg: Company Information

This guide helps you understand how to navigate Bloomberg

How to search company information

Start by asking these questions 

  • What is the company background?
  • What is at stake?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • Which companies have the highest potential in the sector or industry or country?
  • Who are the winners and losers in the sector or industry or country?
  • How did the company fare against competition or within the sector or industry or country?
  • What makes the company, person, country or event unique?
  • What are the supporting facts, numbers, detailed analysis of the company or event that took place?

For example, a company just reported great earnings. That's important, but what does this mean for other companies in the sector, for the economy, for the investors? 

Searching in Bloomberg

To find information for a specific equity in Bloomberg, search and enter the ticker symbol or company name. Select the ticker from the drop-down list and next enter the function code. Or click the ticker name and select one of the functions from the main menu page.

Additionally, you can enter the ticker symbol and command code directly. For example, MSFT US <EQUITY> CF <GO> for corporate filings of Microsoft Corporation.



Security description [DES]

  • View key descriptive details of a structured finance or ABS bond.
  • Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code DES.

Company management [MGMT]

  • View the management profiles of top-ranking executives and board members.
  • Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code MGMT.

Institutional and insider holdings [HDS]

  • View the major shareholders.
  • Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code HDS.

Earnings and Estimates

Think about earnings as a report card for companies and find out whether the company goals were met or missed. Earnings history and news may have an impact on revenue and profit, such as commodity prices, acquisitions, personnel changes and economic trends. 

Functions such as Earnings History [ERN], Earnings Estimates [EE] and the Financial Analysis [FA] pages display a company's earnings history and whether it has a record of beating or missing analysts' estimates.

  • Search historical fundamental data and future estimates.
  • View snapshot of earnings history.
  • Compare the historical data with market indices.
  • Analyze the value of a potential investment, partnership, or acquisition target.

Relative Valuation [RV]

  • Perform relative valuation analysis on a selected equity, so you can benchmark company performance against your choice of comparable companies. 
  • Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code RV.


Weighted average cost of capital [WACC]

  • Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code WACC.

Company Filings [CF]

Search documents, including annual reports, conference call transcripts, shareholder meetings and prspectuses.

Document Search [DS]

Search for documents relating to securities, keywords or list.

Historical Price Table [HP]

Compare multiple pricing factors for a single security on an easy-to-scan data table. You can update the table to select primary and secondary markets (e.g., Bid vs Ask ) to help you identify and analyze pricing trends over time.

Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code HP.

Line Chart [GP]

Plot security pricing and related market variables on a chart, so you can identify trends for a security or set of tickers within a given time frame. There are a wide range of charting functions to explore market behavior across intraday and historical datasets.

Graph templates [G]

A chart wizard guides you through the chart-creation process for the most popular chart types. 

Analysts Recommendations [ANR]

Search for ratings and target prices from market analysts, so you can see who is bullish or bearish on an equity and watch the evolution of recommendations over time.

Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code ANR.

Bloomberg Intelligence Company Primers [BICO]

An executive summary of the related industry, the credit outlook of the company, and any litigation or government issues that can emerge and impact the company. The company primer delivers well-rounded insight into a company, including financial fundamentals and key topics that are driving a business, supported with company and industry data. 

Search ticker name or symbol and enter function code BICO.

Equity Screening [EQS]

Equity screening that helps you create customized equities sets.

Individual company news [CN]

Search stories about specific companies. E.g. MSFT US Equity CN shows news on Microsoft. 

Research Portal [BRC]

This is your gateway to research from over 1,500 providers, including brokers, independent providers, market research firms, industry associations, and other premium content.

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