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How do I use Bloomberg: ID & PW

This guide helps you understand how to navigate Bloomberg
  Login ID Password Remarks
Bloomberg Terminal 1 SMULKS1 smuLKS#1  
Bloomberg Terminal 2 SMULKS2 smuLKS@2  
Bloomberg Terminal 3 SMULKS3 smuLKS#3  
Bloomberg Terminal 4 SMULKS4 smuLKS&4 Overhaul
Bloomberg Terminal 5 SMULKS5 smuLKS@5 Overhaul
Bloomberg Terminal 6 SMULKS6 smuLKS@6  
Bloomberg Terminal 7 SMULKS7 smuLKS@7 no Bloomberg keyboard yet
Bloomberg Terminal 10 SMULKS8 smuLKS#8  
Bloomberg Terminal 11 SMULKS9 smuLKS#9 no Bloomberg keyboard yet
Bloomberg Terminal 12 SMULKS10 smuLKS#10 no Bloomberg keyboard yet


Should any of the generic account blocked, please use another terminal or create your own account.

Please report login issues to and provide the terminal number and screenshots where possible.

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy