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Psychology: Tests and Measures

Research guide to find articles, journals, books and websites in Psychology

Finding Psychological Tests

Piotrowski, C., & Perdue, B. (1999). Reference Sources on Psychological Tests: A Contemporary Review. Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian, 17(2), 47–58.

Using PsycTESTS

Background on Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests

Psychological tests and research instruments cover a wide subject area including: cognitive, behavioural, personality, neuropsychological, and educational measures.  'Published' tests must typically be purchased from a commercial vendor, but can be readily identified through sources such as PsycINFO and the Mental Measurements Yearbook series.  Unpublished tests are usually described within individual articles.  Sometimes, the entire test is found in an article's appendix, or is available through personal contact with the author. 

Psychological tests - eBooks

Psychological tests - Print books

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