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e-Books @ Library: Safari Books Online

How to access, view, and download the thousands e-Books @ SMU Libraries


All books in the Safari Books Online collection have a print icon available near the top left corner of the viewer window. Clicking the print button will open your browser's print dialog box. From there you can select what printer you want to use to print your page.  

Note: You can only print individual pages per click.


  1. Please note that all the books can only be view online (no downloading or saving) and the database only allows for 4 concurrent users.
  2. Click on printer icon found on the top left hand corner to print the book by section.
  3. There is no limit to the number of users browsing to the same e-book but if the database is access by more than 4 users at any one time, users will get an error message that they are not able to view the e-book.
  4. Click Sign out and clear session after use. 
  5. Click on drop down tab to see "How to use Safari Tech Books" created by Wei on How do I use Safari Tech Books online
The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy