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Safety Briefing for SMU XO Courses

At A Glance

WELCOME TO THE SMU-X Overseas Safety Briefing Page!

This following Safety Briefing Page provides useful information for students undertaking SMU-XO courses, including understanding the existing SMU programmes ensuring your safety, and what you can do to make your experience an enjoyable and safe one. Go through the tabs above the banner to see what's available.

Information in this guide has been carefully selected for your reference. Please approach the SMU Office of Safety & Security <> should you have any doubts or need clarifications. 


Potential Scenarios


Introducing the 24/7 Global Assistance Programme for SMU Travellers

As part of SMU’s commitment to the safety and well-being of our Staff, Faculty and Students embarking on official overseas travels, we have engaged the services of International SOS (ISOS) in providing a 24-hour traveller’s assistance for you.

ISOS provides special knowledge and assistance regarding security, medical or personal issues such as lost passport or prescriptions. Whether you have any medical, security or travel-related questions before and during your overseas travel, become seriously ill abroad, or require assistance due to a lost or stolen wallet, call any 24-hour assistance center around the world to speak with a doctor, security specialist or coordinator.


Objectives ​

With the engagement of ISOS, SMU is able to reach out to travellers when overseas incidents or crisis occur and account for your well-being.

In addition, SMU Staff, Faculty and Students are able to:

  • Gain access to professional assistance in any emergencies
  • Receive prompt alerts on situations occurring within your locality
  • Obtain travel-related enquiries and advisories before and during overseas travel


International SOS Membership

  •  24/7 access to ISOS’s Assistance Centres and medical & security professionals whom you can rely on
  • Keeping you safe at all times
    • Pre-trip advisories
    • Updates & alerts whilst on the go
    • Support you when you need help
  • No matter where you are, what and when are your challenges, International SOS is a call away.


*Notes to SMU Travellers

**Notes to SMU Travellers**

  • Participation in Intl.SOS Global Assistance Programme is MANDATORY for ALL official overseas travels (e.g. academic exchanges, SMU-X Overseas trips, study missions, overseas community service projects, internships, conferences, etc.).
  • Ensure that you remain contactable as reasonably practical as possible for the entire duration of your official trip (e.g. mobile talktime, SMS and data plan enabled etc.).
  • Failure to comply constitutes to a serious breach of safety and possible accompanying effect(s) on the outcome of your official trip.
Actions Needed Links
Refer to the user information for SMU travellers for onboarding process ISOS Information Kit (Mar 2022).pdf
Download and register your profile using the ISOS Assistance App (one-time registration) via the link and ensuring that the necessary settings are switched on ​​​​​
Staff and Faculty travellers to refer to the travel policy     SMU Travel Policy
Office of Safety and Security
Report an incident
More info on safety in overseas travels


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