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Financial Accounting (ACCT611): Home

Guide to financial accounting resources for ACCT611


This guide has been compiled to support MPA students taking the Financial Accounting (ACCT611) course.  Included are key library resources and recommended websites.  Please click subsequest pages for respective information.

Course Description

This course provides students with a basic understanding of accounting as "the language of business."  It introduces students to the basic concepts, principles, procedures and approaches underlying the accounting process.  In addition, coverage of accounting cycle will show how business transactions impact financial statements, and ultimately the analysis of financial information for decision-making. 

Topics covered include: introduction to the conceptual framework for financial reporting; journal entries, end-of-period adjustments and the preparation of financial statements; accounting for cash, receivables, inventory, property, plant and equipment, other non-current assets, bonds, liabilities, and owners' equity; cash flow statement; and introduction to financial statement analysis.

Your Librarian

This guide was created by Celia Cheung and is now maintained by Low Jiaxin.

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