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How do I use Eikon: Datastream

Where can I use Datastream?

Datastream is available on campus only. It can be accessed on the Eikon terminals in the Investment Studio on Level 3 of Li Ka Shing Library by installing the Datastream Excel add-in.

Learn how to install or use Datastream.


Datastream provides current and historical time series data on stocks, indices, bonds, unit trusts, investment trusts, commodities, derivatives, constituent lists, exchange rates, interest rates and other economic data.

It provides access to time series for more than 3.5 million global financial instruments, securities and indicators across multiple assets classes with over 15,000 data types. Most data is available daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Data sources include Worldscope, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), national government bodies and many others. To find out the source of a series, see the Source column in Datastream Navigator.

Qualitative data and data on private companies is not available.

Key Features

  • Datastream Advance for Office (AFO or Excel Add-In) is a powerful tool that allows you to download Datastream data directly into Excel spreadsheets.  Compared to the Datastream Advance interface, Datastream AFO is simpler and more flexible to use.  This makes complex searches easier.
  • Datastream Navigator allows the selection of the most relevant series and datatypes from the millions available in Datastream.

ESG Asset 4

For ESG scoring, you can select and run Time-series request


Select series/ list, enter  "ASSET4' in the search box




Submit Time-series request




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