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How do I use Eikon: Getting started

EIKON Screenshots

Commodity Price - Search for a commodity (Energy OR Metals OR Agriculture OR Shipping OR Weather) and then it is found in Pricing tab.

Company Beta Search for a company and then it is found in Price Performance in Prices & Charts

Company Bond Yield - Search for a company and then go to Market Ratios in the Price & Charts tab

Corporate Governance Data - Search for a company and then it is found in ESG tab in Company Overview as part of Governance pillar.

Country Risk Rating - Search for Country and then go to Debt tab to find Issuer Ratings

Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Search for Company and then go to Debt & Credit tab to find CDS Overview



Earnings & Sales Estimates Search for Company and then go to Estimates tab to find Statement View, then change template to Income Statement

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Search for Company and then go to ESG tab to find Environmental, Social & Governance Overview 

Advanced Research Search [Advres] = to screen out desired research reports

Economic Monitor [EM] = to view economic data release schedules by country

Economic Indicator Polls [ECOP] = to view economic data forecast of analysts by country

Central Bank Polls [CBP] to view central bank policy rate forecast by country

Charting [DSCHART] = to chart equity index forward estimates and fundamentals

Industry [INDUS] = to perform peers’ analysis of companies in a specific sector or sub-sector at a global, regional or country level

Aggregate Report [AGGR] = to perform comparative analysis across sectors or sub-sectors at the global, region or country level

Screener = to screen for desired stocks

AAPL.O STUDIES (RIC + STUDIES) = to view a company’s forward estimates and fundamentals chart

AAPL.O MULTI (RIC + MULTI) = to view company’s forecast multiples

AAPL.O ESG (RIC + ESG) = to view a company’s ESG report

AAPL.O SHARE (RIC + SHARE) = to view a company’s shareholders report


Proprietary Data Manager [PROPDATA] data into platform


Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Search for ETFG app for an overview of ETF

Financial Ratios - Search for company and then go to Ratios – Key Metrics under the Financials Tab

Fund Manager - Search for fund or company


Company invested by fund managers

Industry Identifiers - search for company and go to Codes and Schemes under Overview tab, look under Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS)


KPI - search for company and go to Financials tab and then see Operating Metrics

LIBOR – search LIBOR and go to LIBOR Monitor

Market Return – search screener and search the field Lists, Portfolios, Screens, Stocks, and go to Add Column to add Total Return

Major Shareholders - search for company and go to Ownership tab and then see Shareholders Report

Members of an Equity Index – search Screener and search the Country of Exchange


MSCI Indices – search for MSCI app


New Stock Issues – search for FINIM app <Fixed Income New Issue Monitor> to view the different new issues generated.

Private Equity - search for company and then go to Private Equity under Overview tab.           

REIT – search for REIT and select SG REITS for Singapore firms and then select Open in Quote List

RIC - search for company and go to Codes and Schemes under Overview tab, look for Primary RIC under Codes

Security Identifier – search for a company and look for Schemes and Codes under the Overview tab

Sharpe Ratio – search for a company and look for Sharpe Ratio in Ratios- Profit/ Value/Risk under the Financials tab                                                     

Short Interest  search for a company and then it is found in Short Interest under the Prices & Charts tab.

Sovereign Credit Ratings - Search for Country and then go to the Sovereign Risk tab  

Stock Price – search for a company and look for Price History in the Price & Charts tab

Introduction to Eikon

Exercises for Eikon

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