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SMU Libraries

How do I use the library search?: Keyword Search

How do I find relevant materials for my topic

To find an article, e.g. Charoenwong, C., & Jiraporn, J. (2009). Earnings management to exceed thresholds: Evidence from Singapore and Thailand. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 19 (3), 221-236.

  1. Search Library Search
  2. Type the keywords for your topic and by default AND is used for each word, e.g. teen identity Asia
  3. Look at the results list, read the title, abstract and check the subjects of the relevant ones
  4. For example, change your search string after you notice that words or subjects like youth or adolescents or teenagers are used. E.g. 
    (teen* or youth* or adolescen*) and identity and asia*
  5. Check for links to full text in the View Online tab
  6. If you do not find what you need, in the left-hand column, under Limiter, click Include records not in library collection.

Tips to narrow your results

Here are some tips to help you narrow the results list:

  • Add more keywords
  • Limit by publication year
  • Limit by Publication type, e.g Academic Journals or Books
  • Refine your results by Books/Articles with Full Text Online

SMU Library Search


Search Tools

Our Library Search has powerful search tools to get you relevant results.

AND – use to specify both words must be present. E.g. Gender AND music

OR – use to specify either words can be present. E.g. Music OR dance

* – use to replace characters in the word and helps to retrieve variations of the word. The symbol used may vary from database to database. Check the help or search tips in the database. E.g. Use globali* to include words like (globalise or globalize or globalisation or globalization).

( ) – use to specify which group to process first. E.g. gender AND (Asia OR Asian OR Asians)

Phrase search – use to specify the order of the words. E.g. “gender identity”

Field search – use to specify the field that the words must appear. Please use Advanced Search

Check the Help page for more tools and techniques

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy