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Guide to resources on governance and risk management

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This guide has been compiled to support students taking the Governance & Risk Management (ACCT402) course. Included are key library resources and recommended websites. Please click subsequest pages for respective information.

Course Description

Recurring scandals have regularly highlighted the need for ever increasing and improved standards of governance; growing volatility has demonstrated the need for increasing and improved risk management systems. The market continues to demand assurance from organisations in both these areas. Governance & Risk Management (GRM) explores the drive for greater corporate transparency, accountability and oversight to create, sustain, protect and assure corporate value from multifarious external and internal risks. It examines the concepts, frameworks, principles and practices that must be recognized and implemented to ensure the resilience of organizations.

This course has two related objectives: to equip students with a sound foundation of GRM concepts, frameworks, principles and practices; and to develop their technical skills and professional attitudes.

(Course prerequisites: ACCT203/221 – Accounting Information Systems)

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