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A collection of resources - both subscribed and available for free - to suport research at the Lien Centre for Social Inovation at Singapore Management University.


This research guide has been compiled to support research at the Lien Centre for Social Innovation.

The Lien Centre for Social Innovation, a partnership between the Lien Foundation and Singapore Management University (SMU), was established in 2006 to advance the thinking and capability of the social sector.

The Lien Centre contributes to a more equitable, inclusive and vibrant society by addressing social needs through innovative approaches. The centre drives socially innovative solutions by strengthening social sector organisations so that they become influential and effective partners with business and government.  The Lien Centre for Social Innovation works at the intersection of the public, private and social sectors to catalyse social innovation.


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iLeap is the name of the Professional Education Course for Non-Profit leaders. The course aims to provide insights and deepen the understanding of the non profit sector. The course is mooted by SMU faculty and practitioners, and aims to achieve better organisational management of non profits, incorporating cross sector dynamics and sustainable social models.

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