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Guide To Copyright: Copyright Basics

Find resources on copyright regulations in Singapore and learn more on making legal and ethical use of copyrighted works


‚ÄčWelcome to SMU Libraries' guide to copyright.

This guide provides information and resources on Singapore copyright law and how it relates to academic activities such as research and teaching in SMU. The contents in this guide are intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

Copyright Explained

"Copyright! the short film", is produced by Federation University Australia in collaboration with GoTAFE.
The film is a narrative piece aimed at influencing and engaging students to understand their rights and obligations pertaining to copyrighted works. It largely refers to the provisions and exceptions in the Australian copyright law, but it also has some relevance to the Singapore context and gives a quick and succinct overview of copyright do's and dont's  within the educational context.


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The Singapore Copyright Act

Copyright is an intellectual property right recognized and protected by law. In Singapore this is essentially covered under the Copyright Act (Cap. 63). Copyright exists in all forms of works, such as books, periodicals, magazines, compilations of information, photographs,  manuscripts, computer programs, drawings, sculpture, music scores, lyrics, sound recordings, films, television broadcasts, cable programmes etc. Read more about the Singapore Copyright Act here and note the exceptions on Fair Dealing and Education, which allow for copying within the stipulated limits. The Act is currently being reviewed by Ministry of Law.

Quick Guides To Copyright

The Copyright InfoPack : From Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has prepared a set of handbooks and information packs which provide an overview on each form of IP and the copyright regulations governing various contexts. The Copyright Infopack and other relevant  information leaflets can be downloaded from the links on the IPOS website, as listed below*:


* Permission obtained from IPOS.

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CopyRIGHT @ SMU Libraries

The SMU Libraries "copyRIGHT" newsletter highlights issues, updates and trends in copyright, especially in libraries and institutions of higher learning, around the world. It also addresses frequently asked questions by teaching staff, school administrators and students in SMU.

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