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Understanding Taiwan: Culture, Sports and Cuisines

This guide provides useful information and links to resources on Taiwan.

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These videos show the distinct culture, belief, values, norms, and traditions of Taiwan.

Local Culture

Popular Sports

Baseball, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Golf, Softball, Martial Arts, Tennis, Volleyball.

Taiwan is home to an ethnic Chinese society where Confucianism has had a profound influence. As a result, Taiwanese people place great emphasis on interpersonal relationships, ethics, education and family. These values have laid the foundations that underlie the country’s stable society and economic development. This documentary shows how Confucian culture has been transmitted down through the ages in Taiwan. It also examines innovations in the Confucian value system, as well as the inherent. 

This student share about how she felt about Taiwanese culture and her experiences with the local people.

CNN's Paula Hancocks reports on how Taiwan's government is now helping to keep indigenous language and culture alive.

Tai Nan

Understand more about what's in for you over at Tai Nan!

Anping Fort in Tainan is known by its surrounding food and snacks. Recently, there is way to travel here called 「Finding the Sword Lion」 tour. Learn what's this mysterious guardian angel can be seen everywhere in Anping District.


Danzai Noodles

Oil noodles and bean sprouts are the main ingredients in this Tainan specialty dish. The noodles are served in a small bowl and usually topped with meat or an egg boiled in soy sauce for an extra flavor boost.

Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is known as "the stronger the smell, the tastier the results." And while many people are put off by the smell, those who take the plunge are usually won over by this distinctively yummy treat. Stinky tofu is made of large squares of fermented tofu fried in oil and then cut into four smaller pieces and served with a garnish of pickled cabbage.

Oyster Omelet

Sea-fresh oysters are an important ingredient in this popular snack, available at just about every night market in Taiwan. The oysters are coated in potato starch and tapioca. Eggs and leafy vegetables are added to the mixture, which is skillet fried over a high flame. A sweet and sour sauce further adds to the addictively delicious taste.

Pearl Milk Tea

Also known as "Bubble milk tea," pearl milk tea originates from Taichung and is made of a mixture of black tea, milk, and sago pearls. The combination of fragrant tea and chewy sago has made this beverage popular not only in Taiwan but in other countries as well. In many Chinatowns across the world, you can find this refreshing beverage.

Crushed Ice Dessert

This popular dessert has a base of crushed ice flavored with mung beans, adzuki beans, starch balls, taro, jelly, and other toppings, which are sprinkled with sugar water, offering sweet and cool relief on a hot summer day. Today, you can also find creative new variations with toppings of mangoes, strawberries and other seasonal fruit.

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple is widely grown here in Taiwan, which is also known for producing canned pineapple, pineapple drinks, and pineapple jams. Pineapple is also made into pineapple cake, with the pineapple's sweet and sour taste mingling with the loose, soft outer skin that seems to melt in your mouth; definitely worth giving it a taste... and more!​


With a reputation of being a tea empire, Taiwan has topography and climate that are perfect for growing tea plants. There are many varieties of tea available in Taiwan; among these, Wenshan Baozhong Tea, Dongding Oolong (Wulong) Tea, Pekoe Oolong (Baihao Wulong) Tea, and Tie Guanyin are the four mainstream teas.

Tai Chung

Understand more about what's in for you over at Tai Chung!

Taichung Tunghai, great food doesn’t just exist in night market. In the art street business district near Tunghai University, there is an authentic Italian restaurant. Under the guidance program provided by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tunghai Business District, a unique, one of the kind artistic style business district is born.

Sinshe Flower Festival is one the main attraction in Taichung. Collaborating with Ministry of Economic Affairs, Sinshe has developed many hostels featured in different styles, such as Dutch style and oceanic style, making the visitors feel like living in the foreign land.

Taiwan Cuisine

This video gives viewers a taste of the cuisine available in Taiwan, as well as the pluralistic society that has brought them together. Sit back and experience the beauty and individuality of Taiwanese food, a combination of tradition and innovation.

One of Taiwan's favorite dishes is a fermented concoction full of live bacteria and a whole lotta smell. It's pungent aroma has been compared to decaying garbage, rotten meat and smelly feet. Nevertheless, it enjoys a dedicated following—and no one does stinky tofu like Dai's. Owner Wu Xu Biyin takes us on a tour of this amazing eatery, which has been in her family for over 60 years.

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