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Investment & Data Studio

We offer consultation services by appointment with librarians or Student Data Consultants on a range of data and research-related topics.

How does Research Consultation work?

  • The service is open to all current SMU library users
  • Please submit your question and make an appointment with us in advance. We will get the right person to assist you if relevant expertise is available
  • The consultation session may be conducted in person or virtually online and typically will last 30 min to 1 hour

What are the topics or type of questions that we can help with?

  • I am doing literature review on this topic. Can you recommend some systematic ways to search the literature? Are there some tools to streamline the process? Refer to this page for more information about our Literature and Systematic Review Support
  • How can I perform a certain statistical test in R? What is the code like? What does this error message mean? 
  • Which library/package can I use to accomplish this task in Python? Can you guide me?
  • Can you recommend some tools/methods/packages for visualizing my data?
  • I have some research data that I wish to publish/archive with SMU Research Data Repository. Can you help me with data organization/documentation/anonymization? 

What are we NOT able to help with?

We can assist with learning how to apply certain techniques, tools, and technologies to work with data or enhance your research but we cannot collect, clean, analyse, or visualize data for you.

About Our Team

Our Team consists of members from diverse disciplinary backgrounds with a range of data and computational research skills. We are here to provide personalized support and guidance tailored to your needs.

We are growing our team and expanding our areas of support. If you are a SMU student or researcher with experience with a particular statistical software (e.g. STATA), qualitative research tool (e.g. NVIVO), a programming language, research methodology, research tool, we welcome you to join our team. Email us at to find out more. 

Note: We may not be able to support tools or skills not within our current support capabilities. If you are not sure, just send us your questions using the "Book a consultation" button above. 


The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy