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This guide is created to support students taking the Global Supply Chains (OPIM324) course.


This guide aims to provide useful resources and links to students taking the course Global Supply Chains (OPIM324) and was created by Sumita Govindan

Course Description

Managing global supply chains has never been more complicated. Companies globalize to tap into emerging markets for production and sales. An Apple phone that is manufactured in China is very likely to consist of parts sourced (imported) from Europe, USA and Asia. Manufactured phones will be shipped to different distribution centres (DC) in Hong Kong or California before being delivered to customers via retail shops or e-commerce stores. Managing a global supply chain is no longer about driving down costs; it is how innovative companies such as Zara create value and how they gain an advantage over competitors.       
This course provides students with practical knowledge and skills regarding global supply chains and international logistics. Students learn concepts on global supply chains management and in-depth knowledge on running a global logistics operation. Topics covered include: global trade, types of transport documents, technologies in global supply chains, Incoterms, managing risk in supply chains, technology in supply chains, strategy in global supply chains, innovation, and reverse logistics.  Business cases and real life examples will be used in the course. Industry speakers will be invited as guest lecturer to share current global supply chains jobs roles and responsibilities. This course is highly recommended for those interested in working for global multinational companies in logistic management careers and as international entrepreneurs.

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