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SMU Libraries

Master of Science in Economics Programme: Journals


Use the Journals tab if

a) you wish to check the availability of journals on a certain topic

b) when you have the full or partial citation of a journal article and you wish to retrieve the full text.

Most eJournals can be accessed from off-campus. 

·       You will be prompted to authenticate 

Type your SMU domain\SMU id(e.g. smustu\ac.tan.2012 if you are

a student or smustf\actan if you are a staff) and password.

Then click on OK or Log In.


How do I find a journal

To find a journal when you know the journal title, e.g.

  • Econometrica
  • Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Harvard Business Review
  1. Use the Library Search (which contains records for books, journals, articles)
  2. Type the journal title, e.g. Econometrica
  3. Check for links like Online / Full Text / View more details: SMU Catalogue


  1. Search Journals (which contains records for all print and online journals accessible to SMU)
  2. Type the journal title, e.g. Journal of Economc Perspectives
  3. Check for links to sources and the years covered for full text

Tips to find a journal

Here are some tips to help you find the journal you need:

  • Type as much of the journal title as you know
  • If you want the words to be in the order typed, add quotes, e.g. "Harvard Business Review"
  • If you want to only search the words in the journal title, select Title Contains (beside the search box)
  • If the title is a common word or phrase, e.g. Economist, use Journals and select Titles Exact match as the search mode


Find other journals

In the Library Search, use broad subject keywords and the word periodicals. E.g.

    • Business periodicals
    • Econometrics periodicals
    • International finance periodicals

 Search in Journals > click on Subjects > select a subject e.g. Social sciences and drill down to the specific subject



Directory of Open Access Journals

RSS Feeds (Journal of Political Economy)

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