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SMU Libraries

Master of Science in Economics Programme: Books


The titles listed on this page are those mentioned in the Course Outline. To find out the status of the book, click on the hyperlinked title.

To retrieve other titles, use the Library Search.

ECON 630 - Managerial Microeconomics

ECON 631- Managerial Macroeconomics

ECON 635 - Labor, Human Capital and Education

ECON 637 - Public Sector Economics

Reference Books for ECON 639 - Institutions, Industrial Organization and Game Theory

ECON 640 - Managing Economic Growth

ECON 653 - Econometrics I & 654 - Econometrics II

Reference Books for ECON 653 - Econometrics I and ECON 654 - Econometrics II

Reference Books for ECON 656 - Macroeconomic Cycles and Crises

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