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Master of Science in Innovation : MGMT662

Course Description

This short module introduces students to core concepts in strategic management and how these translate to entrepreneurial ventures. Core concepts to be covered in strategic management include industry analysis, generic strategies and resource-based view through detailed case studies. How these core strategy concepts apply in the setting of new ventures involves careful consideration of potential retaliation from incumbents, how entrepreneurs should plan and recalibrate their product visions based on updated information over time. The focus on entrepreneurship touches on the motivation for entrepreneurs to develop new ventures, as well as stylized facts on new ventures.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, students will be able to:

·         Analyze the attractiveness of an industry

·         Describe the strategic market positioning of a firm in an industry

·         Describe the capabilities of a firm/venture

·         Identify potential gaps in products of an industry

·         Consider competitor interactions to a new firm or product entry

·         Analyze the attractiveness of a new product

·         Create a rudimentary plan for a new product venture, and

·         Create plans to pursue alternate ideas if the first product idea fails.



For Business Cases, please check with your Programme Manager.




An Entrepreneur’s Journey

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