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Philosophy: Articles/Databases

Research guide to resources for Philosophy

What is a Database?

Databases allows you to search for scholarly journal articles, book chapters and conference papers. Some databases include the full text. Some databases are subject specific and some are very general (including all subjects).  

Search several databases when beginning your project!  There are unique references in each database you search.

See Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy.

Most databases can be accessed from off-campus. Just enter your SMU ID and Password when prompted.  

Search Tools

Databases have powerful search tools to help you get relevant results.

AND – use to specify that both words must be present. E.g. Japan AND China

OR – use to specify that either words can be present. E.g. Asia OR Asian

* – use to replace characters in the word and helps to retrieve variations of the word. The symbol used may vary from database to database. Check the help or search tips in the database. E.g. Use globali* to include words like (globalise or globalize or globalizing or globalisation or globalization).

( ) – use to specify which group of words to process first. E.g. nationalism and (Asia OR Asian)

"Phrase search" – use to specify the order of the words. E.g. “National identity”

Field search – use to specify the field that the words must appear. E.g. Nationalism in SU Subject Terms or Korea in GE Geographic Terms

Check the individual database Help page for more tools

Key Resources in Philosophy

Philosophy Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Finding Articles

The Library provides the SMU community with access to over 50,000 journals.

If you have the details of the article you need, see the guide on How do I access Full Text Articles to find the article.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Tip

If you use Google Scholar to search for articles, you can turn on Find it @ SMU Library to help you get to the full text you have access to subscribed by the Library.

See the instructions.

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy