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How do I use Passport (formerly GMID): Navigating

Which Search Do I Use

Search Options [After clicking on "Search"]:

Search OR Browse Full Tree Options:
• Menu Search - use to locate data by predefined categories in a hierarchical menu / followed by choice of geography

• Companies or Brands - use to find Analysis, Articles, Statistic and other Reports

• Packaging - use to locate data by predefined packaging categories in a hierarchical menu / followed by choice of geography
• Closure - use to locate data by predefined closure categories.  This is similar to packaging but includes "corks", glass stoppers and other closures / followed by choice of geography

Locating Brand/ Company Share

For Companies:
Step 1: Click on "Companies" tab at the top of the page
Step 2: Type in Company name
Step 3: Choose one of the owner levels; "Global Company Profile" or "Local Company Profile" and Search
Step 4: View Company Profile, Related Statistics and other information including Other Related Company Profiles (i.e. Competitors)


For Brands:
Step 1: Click on "Search" [You are at the "Menu Search"]
Step 2: Select "Companies or Brands"

Step 3: Select "Brands" under the Keywords box and type in a brand and "Search"
Step 4: Under "Brand Selection" select the brands located under "Choose Brands to Browse Tree"
Step 5: Click "Now Choose Categories"
Step 6: Choose Industry from "Category Tree"
Step 7: Click "Now Choose Geographies" select countries or "Predefined Selections"
Step 8: Click "See Data Now" or "Run Search" to access all content: "Results List", "Statstics" and/or "Analysis"

Locating Macroeconomic Indicators - NEW

Get up to date Macroeconomic developments on 31 key and leading indicators in the areas of Real Economy (e.g. GDP, Consumption etc), Labor Market (e.g. Unemployment etc), Monetary (e.g. Inflation), External Sector (e.g. Import/ Export of Goods, Exchange Rate etc), Confidence (e.g. Consumer/ Business confidence), Financial (e.g. Stock Market etc) and Government (e.g. Govt budget as a % of GDP etc) from Passport's Economic Barometer.  

From Economies --> Economy, Finance and Trade --> Economic Barometer


Locating Statistics

For Statistics:

Access statistics by selecting categories and geographies from hierarchical menus.

Step 1: From the Passport homepage, go to the box Search Statistics. Choose from either Industries or Economies and Consumers. Select the Industry and choose the specific category of interest and click GO.


Step 1a: From the Search tab, go to the box See Data Now Quick Market Statistics. Type in a keyword in the categories/ topics box, followed by the geography in the second box and click See Data Now.

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