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How do I use Passport (formerly GMID): Best Features and Tips

Industry Dashboards

Industry dashboard is useful for data visualization. Access this tool from the Passport homepage - Search Dashboards


GMID has great flexibility with viewing and modifiy statistics.  Below are some of the main features:

Modify Years of Statistics
Click on "Change Time Series". Here you have the option to select specific year(s) or choose one of the "Quick selelctions": "Historic", "Forecast" or "All" for those available years in the database.

Change Currency
Under "Convert Data", click on "Currency conversions".  Here you have the option to change the currency to either the country's local currency, US$, Euro, GBP, Yen or Swiss Franc.  This is necessary for easy comparisons.  If you want to include inflation, choose "y-o-y ex rates".  

Tracking Growth Over the Years
Under "Convert Data", click on "Growth".  You will have several options.

Best Features

Quickly Find Reports Linked to an Industry
Using the "Industries" tab at the top of the home page, you can view more than 27 industries. A great source of industry-related content is found on the lower left side under "Quick Analysis Finder". Choose from "Latest Reports", "Articles", "Company Profiles", "Country Reports" and "Global Reports".

Easily Find Company's Market Share or Brand Share
Click on "Search", then "Companies or Brands". Type your company or brand in the "Keywords" search box. You may have an option to see company share (market share) by national brand owner (nbo) or global brand owner (gbo) as well as brand share by global brand name (gbn) or local brand name (lbn). 

Multiple Retrieval Options
Depending on the content, you may have the following options:
*Export to PDF
*Export to Microsoft Powerpoint
*Export current view to Microsoft Excel
*Export full dataset to Microsoft Excel (set-up individual account for this option)

Save Your Content and Downloads

You can create an account in Passport and download, save and share content. Create an account using your SMU NT Login ID and password. 


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