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How do I note up cases?: Lexis

Using case search to note up cases

Using CaseAnalysis signals/citator document 

1. In the Lexis database, the treatment of a case is indicated by CaseAnalysis Signals. 

2. After searching for the case, click on the Case Analysis Signal or "View citator document".

3. Select "Cases referring to this case".

4. You will be able to view the case treatment of that case. 

5. You can also select "Cases considered by this case" to view cases considered by this case.



Using Case Overviews.

1. For some case reports, there are no CaseSignals or citator document. 

2. For such cases, search for the case's Case Overview.

3. Select "Cases referring to this case".

4. You will be able to view how other cases have treated the case. 

5. You can also select the other tabs to view different kinds of information. 



Using subscribed case citators to note up cases

1. Under "Case Law", select "Subscribed Case Citators" and search for the case.

2. Scroll down to view the cases referring to the case. 

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