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Master of Science in Management : FNCE 6007

This guide points to useful print and electronic resources for the modules in the programme.

FNCE6007: Merger & Acquisition by Ravi Chidambaram

This course will illustrate the complexities and challenges of developing and executing M&A transactions in Asia. Using actual case studies, we will cover all aspects of selling and buying into companies in Asia, from negotiation tactics to due diligence to valuation aspects. We will also analyse the challenges Asian companies face when they decide to expand beyond Asia through M & A.

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Understanding common pitfalls which lead to failed M&A transactions.
  2. How to solve deal related M&A issues.
  3. Learning how to navigate cross cultural challenges in M&A.
  4. Understanding how to develop winning M&A strategies.
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