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Master of Science in Management : OBHR 617

This guide points to useful print and electronic resources for the modules in the programme.

OBHR617: Negotiating in Business by Prof. Donald L. Ferrin

Professional success is largely dependent on one’s success in managing differences and fostering collaboration among people and organizations. However, in today’s highly dynamic and complex managerial environment, which is marked by increasing interdependence and often by conflicts of interest, it can be extremely challenging to bring together the relevant “players” – internal and external stakeholders who have different interests, perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, or values – to forge efficient, profitable, and lasting agreements. Professionals who understand the science and practice of negotiation are much better equipped to navigate these differences and create agreements that advance their own interests, and also the interests of the other parties involved.

After taking this course, students will:

  • Understand and be able to put into practice the central frameworks, concepts, and skills in negotiation.
  • Gain negotiation experience, skills, and confidence.
  • Obtain the skills and insights needed to learn on an ongoing basis from their own future negotiations.
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