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Introductory Economics (ECON 001): Home

Guide to resources for the Introductory Economics course


This guide has been compiled to support students taking the Introductory Economics (ECON001) course.

This guide is maintained by Melody Chin.

Course Description

The course is designed for students who already have some background in Economics. In this regard, the course is intended to help students reinforce concepts and theories on micro and macro aspects of the economy. The first half of the course is on the micro aspects of economics; it develops the theories and models to explain the choices that confront consumers and firms, the roles of government, and the various types of market structures. The second half of the course is on macroeconomics; it develops the theories and models to explain economic growth, business cycles and open macro economies. During the course, students will gain the necessary tools and economic framework to analyze and evaluate economic events in the news.

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