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HUMN 017: A cultural introduction to India: Home

Guide to resources and databases useful for research for HUMN 017.

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Research Pro-tips


  • Search the SMU Libraries for fulltext ebooks.  We have more than 260,000!
  • When trying to find books, search with general terms first - adding concepts to refine.
  • If you see a book that looks on topic, open the record and look at the subject headings.  You can click on the subject headings to see all the books in that category.


  • Choose your keywords wisely!  Search the internet, read abstracts, and get familiar with the terminology.  Once you know a little bit, you will better understand the keywords you need to use.
  • Refine your search as needed.  If 'Bollywood' gives you too many results, add another concept to refine.  If you still have too many results, add another concept, etc. 
  • Some topics might be best expressed by multiple words (e.g. untouchables, Dalits, etc.)  Get to know your topic, and use the best words!
  • You can use the 'Limits' within the database to help you refine your results by subject, date of publication, publication type, etc.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Comparing sources

View the following three resources.  Rank them from least credible to most credible.  

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Database best bets!  Use these databases to start your research, as they cover a wide range of subject areas.  For more specialised subject areas, see below.

Specialised databases - use these resources to find articles with the subject focus of the database listed.



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