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Understanding Vietnam: Business & Economics

This guide provides useful information and links to resources on Vietnam.

At A Glance


The following information have been carefully selected for your reference. Some resources may have bias perspectives. Please approach the SMU Libraries ( ) should you have any doubts or need clarifications.


Vietnamese Prime Minister approved the vision 2030 blueprint on the construction of Hanoi Capital. Watch this video to find out more. 

Improving governance can help Vietnam improve productivity, competitiveness and economic growth as they look to increase prosperity by 2035.


This section explores the various aspects of doing business in Vietnam.

Business Law

The world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer Apple Inc. plans to invest up to $1 billion USD to build an Asia-focused database center in Vietnam. The new facility is scheduled to operate as a Research & Development center and this will be the first project Apple has ever initiated in Vietnam. The project is currently still in the planning stage and Apple is considering various locations for the facility, possibly in Hanoi.

Economics & Infrastructure

This section explores the economics and infrastructure in Vietnam.

With a booming economy, Vietnam is projected to gain the most from the new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal. Find out from this video on how influential Vietnam is.

Vietnam's Prime Minister has approved a $300-million dollar research and development project in Hanoi by Samsung Electronics Vietnam. Vietnam’s government stated on their website that the project would operate for 50 years, rent-free. Samsung secured the government approval late last year to raise its investment in another electronics facility to $2 billion.

Additional Resources

Business Etiquette


This video explains the business practice and etiquette in Vietnam culture.

This video provides the perspective of Park Hyatt HCMC General Manager, as he explains how foreigners can build successful business relationships in Vietnam.

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