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SMU-X Survival Toolkit: Effective Elevator Pitch

This guide provides useful information and links to resources on SMU-X.

At A Glance

Delivering Effective Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch could be the difference between a new connection and a lost opportunity, which could affect your SMU-X project outcomes. The following resources provide some perspectives and tips on how you can deliver that effective elevator pitch to win your audience over.


Talent Director at the AMV Group, Alison Chadwick shows what makes a great elevator pitch and how to pull it off. Forbes Contributor Carmine Gallo shows how to pitch anything in 15 seconds using a Message Map.


Tips and trick to pitching effectively, if you happen to run into your ideal employer or business partner, in an elevator – or anywhere else for that matter, WOW them!  
  • Pitch Perfect - Pitching Project
    Barak Itkin, a senior software developer share his experiences when being a Mentor in a ​Hackathon, he shares a few things you would probably want to follow. 
  • The Art Of The Elevator Pitch
    Robert Herjavec, serial entrepreneur and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, said what sets a winning pitch apart from the rest, was the timing and momentum. ​Here are the four tips for making an impression.

This section lists some recommended readings.

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